Released in conjunction with the CD "My Kinda Blues" is the DVD Dennis Jones Band: Live at Temecula Theater. The spectacular 18-song performance, with material culled from previous albums and including “The Best I Can,” is the next best thing to catching Jones, Turner and Correa in person and makes the ideal companion to My Kinda Blues. Charismatic, with the air of ultimate cool, Jones commands the spotlight without having to resort to theatrics or showboating, but by playing and singing every song with maximum intensity and expression. A touching personal moment occurs before “Hot Sauce” when he hangs a twangy Telecaster on his shoulder and his formerly iconic cowboy hat on his head. Explaining how his beloved, late grandfather was a C&W music fan, the wearing of the hat had been a tribute. Jones is not only a master of the various blues forms, but also his gear, resulting in a full, fat, sumptuous sound no matter if he is playing his Les Paul or the Stratocaster. Turner and Correa are rock solid, totally supportive and as tight as synchromesh gears behind him throughout, providing a thumping bed of rhythm and harmony.Dave Rubin,2005 KBA winner in Journalism     ” - Dave Rubin

The accompanying DVD showcases Dennis and the band live from the Temecula (CA) Theater. No matter if he's playing his Les Paul or his Strat, he commands the stage without bombast--just straight-ahead blues from a man out to have a good time and make sure the audience has one, too. The band lays down a solid groove over eighteen selections, culled from his four releases. "I'm Good" rocks with sheer abandon, while Dennis' tale of the difficulty in juggling life on the road with a life at home is spelled out in "The Best That I Can," while a lover with a penchant to "smile in my face and stick a knife in my back" finds she can't hurt him any more in "Big Black Cat." Perhaps the most poignant part of the concert is Dennis' tribute to his late grandfather, a long-time country music fan. He dons a cowboy hat and rips into the bluesy twang of "Hot Sauce" in his honor.As Dennis sings in "My Kinda Blues," he is politely "doin' my own thing" while paying "respect to the legends of the past." His dynamite playing, singing, and ultra-cool way with a lyric makes this set and the companion DVD one you do not want to miss! Until next time...Sheryl and Don Crow.” - Sheryl & Don Crow

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Dennis Jones DVD Artist: Dennis Jones Title: Dennis Jones Band. Live at The Temecula Theatre Label: Blue Rock Records The concert took place on New Years Eve, two thousand and ten at the Old Town Temecula Theatre in Temecula, California. The performance by Dennis, guitars and lead vocals, with Michael Turner; drums / backing vocals and Sam Correa; bass / backing vocals, held the audience spellbound for over an hour. Although, most of the numbers making up the set were mainly from the album ‘The Pleasure and Pain,’ there is an early version of “The Best That I Can,” from his newly released “My Kinda Blues.” The playing is clear, crisp and tight, with no frills or fanfares; simply eighteen well crafted numbers that showcase the formidable talents of Dennis, Michael and Sam. The running time of the set of just over an hour and a quarter rushes by in a mixture of stunning shuffles, immaculate and passionate vocal delivery interspersed with sparkling solos and frenetic fretwork. The camera work is solely focused on the band giving you the same views as that of the audience with only the occasional close-up of the band, there are no arty, twisted or interesting camera angles to contend with; which thankfully saves the viewer from contorting their heads and bodies to see properly and more importantly, enjoying the splendid music being played. At the end of the evening Dennis changed head attire from a white trilby to his familiar battered blue / grey Stetson and dedicated the number “Hot Sauce,” to his grandfather who as Dennis explained was a lover of old fashioned Country Music and it was only now that he understood why he loved the music so much. This is a very fine addition to the bands body of work, caught in their prime with no pretensions. Also, a live recording is a bonus for us who cannot catch the bus to see them. Recommended! Brian Harman.” - Brian Harman


Also released in conjunction with My Kinda Blues is the DVD, Dennis Jones Band: Live at Temecula Theater. This set features a whopping 18 tracks and finds Dennis Jones and the band in fine form, as they blaze through songs from each of their three previous CDs, plus “Best That I Can” from their latest release. The performance is filmed in a pretty straight-forward manner….there’s no bells and whistles or special effects, just the band playing their tunes. Jones doesn’t showboat or try to fit every note into every solo. He just plays each tune with the maximum intensity and power. Turner and Correa are rock solid in their backing. Standout tracks include “Kill the Pain,” “Brand New Day,” “Hot Sauce,” “Him or Me,” “I’m Good,” “Big Black Cat,” “Super Deluxe,” and “Try Not To Lie.” In addition, there are four bonus tracks that are as strong as the rest, especially “Something Good,” a slow burner, and the Jimmy Reed-based “You’re Wrong.” Live at Temecula Theater offers a compilation of Dennis Jones’ best work for newcomers and is a pretty impressive representation of their live show that will please longtime fans as well. --- Graham Clarke” - Graham Clarke

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One other thing of note is the great DVD put out in conjunction with "My Kinda Blues" called "Live At The Temecula Theater". With 18 Tracks, this DVD is a wonderful opportunity to see the Dennis Jones Band in all their glory and get acquainted with their previous music. It is a no frills affair with just the band doing their thing, which when it comes to the Dennis Jones Band, that is all you really need. Great Stuff...Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network) To Samples Here...” - John Vermilyea

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