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When I got this album I had a smile on my face because Dennis Jones released his new studio album directed by himself on 28. june. "About Time" globally radio promoted by Michelle Castiglia through her promo label MAC Radio Promotions.
In a way, I am a really lucky man to work with people like this, who are persistently fighting to ensure that numerous musicians receive the deserved treatment, as they actually deserve. Dennis Jones is certainly one of those, who I believe has not yet gained a large number of fans here in Croatia, but already in neighboring Slovenia, the situation is significantly different. Dennis Jones was already established there, and of course, this is not my first time meeting him and his music.
After his studio albums, four of which I have already promoted and his last "live" album, now again the first in Croatia I present this really interesting and excellent musician.
The album "About Time" is just one step further in the great musical journey of this exceptional musician. After touring, L.A. guitarist Dennis Jones hit studio work and indulged in writing songs for his new studio album. Dennis and his band made this album special with their constant and unbroken ties to ascending and powerful and incredibly expressive rock n' blues.
Dennis Jones was born in Baltimore. Interestingly, his first love was directed towards drums and only at the age of 13 he turned to guitar. Soon, in just two years he will have his own band and the music he loves was played by the Rollers, the Who, Bob Dylan.
Considering his new passion on the guitar and yes, it's indisputably that the influence was made by: Hendrix, Winter and Jimmy Page. Well, that wasn't the end of the story; to finally form his musical narrative Dennis implemented in him the inspired jam of the blues master:: B. B, Albert and Freddie King with obvious elements of R&B, which was performed very soulfully by Al Green, James Brown, but also those musicians, who worked within the framework of that famous sound so-called. "Motown sound".
Since 1977. - 80. Dennis stays in Europe in Germany playing with various bands, 1985. comes to L.A. and founded the band Blackhead and in order to choose rock n' blues with his Dennis Jones Band in the nineties.
With his previous studio albums, Dennis clearly determines the direction in which he wants to act, therefore every new album is a logical gradation towards the better, especially when it comes to his stylish and musical form.
Dennis Jones is so aware that he has to, sounds so good. There is absolutely no possibility for any "scramble". Namely, when it comes to a classic rock-blues band, everything is immediately obvious and you can immediately hear whether you're at home or not. Dennis and the band strongly show and prove that they don't have any problems with their inspired playing. Yes, yeah!
With this album Dennis is again arousing great interest in his music, and what is it about?
His blues is something new on the blues scene and also his album "About Time" will be a real surprise to all who will listen to him. Energetic, subtle, inspired, characteristic, but special and dynamic; that's how to describe what we hear.
Generally, all we can hear and get from this band is energetic blues/rock, which obviously draws its references from traditional blues, but adds to all of that it also has its own modern atmosphere, but also some other musical influences and staples.
The album ''About Time'' brings us 10 songs, of which 9 are the authored works of the superspecting musician Dennis Jones.
Therefore, Dennis and the band sound like completely playful musicians, who don't have a problem in their gig. There's nothing to be IMPRESSIVE! !
It's hard not to mention Jimi Hendrix again as the main role model, but to whom he isn't... when it comes to guitars and therefore the story goes on; as does the order. The album is dominated by Jones' guitar, which in some fragments irresistibly resembles Jimi, but that's only a fragmentary, because it's crystal clear to everyone: that Dennis has his own original and distinctive guitar handwriting, on which he worked a lot and still does, which is certainly worthy of praise.
Dennis Jones' album "About Time" is really a real and true gift to fans. Equally this is a very sincere token of gratitude to all those who have supported and are supporting Dennis Jones and his band for over 20 years.
For me personally, there's no doubt ''This album is truly an inspired refreshment on the blues scene. All of those seeking a different approach, a refreshment, a new and above all distinctive and inspired musical work, have come to their own. Don't double a second, but get your copy of this excellent album as soon as possible! ''

Review: Dennis Jones ‘About Time’

By Hal Horowitz

Never discount the significance of a solid riff. And blues rocking guitarist Dennis Jones has plenty of them. He saved up a batch to unleash on About Time (released June 28th) his first album, and sixth overall, in four years.

Push play and hang onto something sturdy as the opening “Condition Blue” fires up the first of these. Jones rocks with a Stevie Ray Vaughan-styled punch on one of his finest, most inflamed performances. It’s also the disc’s first single and should be in the running for best blues-rock song of the year. Jones tears into lyrics like “It ain’t no superstition/It’s called condition blue” with his husky, dusky voice, shoots off meaty, quicksilver Hendrix/Robin Trower influenced leads and charges through the changes that, in just over four minutes, will convince any blues-rock lover this guy is ready to move to the next level. And that’s just the opening salvo.

The following nine are just as powerful, making a case for this to be the album that breaks a guy into fame whose talent was never in question. Perhaps recording for his own Blue Rock Records label hasn’t provided the exposure he deserves, but with a set as commanding and brash as this, Jones has coalesced his strengths of furious guitar work, convincing singng and, most crucially, songwriting that’s on par with, and often better than, most of his contemporaries.

These eight originals– and a searing version of Memphis Slim’s classic “Mother Earth”– range from the soul/pop influence of Stevie Wonder (on the breezily melodic “Always the Same”) to the softly pulsating love song “More Time” and the Motown-infused soul of “Just Like You.” Guitar overdubs beef up the sound but the backing band, which includes a tenor sax/keyboard player and occasional female vocals (on the furious funk-injected “Don’t Stop”), creates an aural earthquake that explodes from the speakers.

The groove is fat as another rugged riff sucks you in on the surly 70s rocking “You’re Killing Me.” He spits out the song’s title just before igniting a guitar solo that stings like the angry lyrics “You left someone when I met you/Talking about leaving me too.” It lights a fuse that ignites in just under four compelling minutes.

Even when things tamp down a notch for a molten take on “Mother Earth,” Jones’ husky Hendrix-drenched tone pushes the slow blues into the red zone. He kicks into a tough shuffle for “Hell” singing “If you don’t like the devil/Don’t live in hell,” ripping into his six-strings like Lucifer himself is in the studio. There’s a Lenny Kravitz-inspired harder-edged soul/blues slant on “Too High to Fly” helped by a bit of gospel from the backing singers as Jones warns an acquaintance that “Every time you spread your wings/You’re too high to fly.” He also cranks out a tense, flaming solo which doesn’t overstay its welcome, a lesson other blues guitar shredders should heed.

The closing “Six Feet Off the Ground” keeps the riff-machine revved up for a Deep Purple-inflected grinder. It sizzles as he growls “Don’t like burning bridges but I’ve jumped off a few,” revving up a solo that rises like the song’s title.

Even with his impressive discography, Dennis Jones has never sounded more confident. Each track displays a nimble swagger he has earned over a two-decade plus career. Fans will devour this and newcomers will check back to his older albums to see what they missed.

As the man says, it’s “About Time.”