1. Like Sheep

From the upcoming album :Soft Hard & Loud"


Like Sheep

Shit’s gettin’ deep people walk around sleep no need to creep they just laugh in our face

Have we reached a peak futures lookin’ bleak how did we get so weak like sheep

Different lie different station why’s everybody half asleep you keep doin’ what you’re told like sheep

Is there anybody home please pick up the phone we’re going to burn like Rome while they laugh in our face

We ignore the past mother nature’s kickin’ ass we’ll all be eatin’ grass like sheep

Is your brain on vacation why’s everybody half asleep you just do what you’re told like sheep

Are we the people or are we the sheep which one is it

Smile and deceive tell you what to believe watch you grieve

While they laugh in your face

Church bells ring all hale to the King your life don’t mean a thing Like sheep

Lyrics and Music by Dennis Jones Copyright 2019