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13 original fan favorites from all 5 previous releases + 1 cover, recorded live at Beaver Creek Brewery, Wilbaux, MT

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Both Sides Of The Track - CD

I love the creative process of recording new music! This album was a real joy to make. Hope you enjoy it as well!

This is my 5th album on my own label, Blue Rock Records. I wrote 19 songs and then picked my favorites to record.

I have a great band, and the amazing support of musicians, family, friends, and fans, like you! Thank you so much for supporting an independent artist!  

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"My Kinda Blues" - CD

This is my kinda blues, but I hope it's yours as well. As with all of my albums I try to take the blues into the future without forgetting the past. Each song is different from the other but still comes from the same place, the blues. If you like original modern guitar drivin blues this cd is for you.

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"Pleasure & Pain" - CD

As always the blues is the main ingredient in my music. This time it's all original songs from start to finish. Traditional blues, pop blues, country blues and blues rock - it's all here. I feel it's my best album yet.    

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"Passion For The Blues" - CD

"Passion For The Blues" is a continuation and appreciation for the music I love. It's straight ahead blues rock with a few exceptions.   

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"Falling Up" - CD

"Falling Up" Is the first installment of the music I live and breath. It's the blues with a taste of rock, jazz and country. Hope you enjoy it.

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