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Dear Dennis, even if music of several colours inspires me, being a fan is completely distant to me. So I have no idea if it is appropriate for you to tell a strange person something about me in the following regarding you and band. But even if it is unusual for me and therefore for the first time, I simply cannot deny myself the need to bring my thoughts closer to you. On a rainy early evening I happened to stand in the courtyard of the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg. There I saw a blues band playing today. Enough time and desire for live music I entered the "Kessel/Maschinenhaus"... Out of nowhere the name Dennis Jones of a Blues-Rock musician and band revealed much more than I ever expected: A crossfire of deep inner feelings. When you hit the hypnotic beat like lightning with your smoky, emotionally charged voice, the plus pole hit the minus pole and I was somewhere in between. In this energy spectacle it groovs and hammers so much that the whole stage immediately seemed magically charged to me. Your playing, your voice as well as your charisma touched me completely unexpectedly deeply, somewhere between heart and stomach pit. Never before has a human being made me feel touching and lasting in such a profound way, both my soul and my heart. Best regards, Page
Wanted to say hello after we spoke at Exposition Studios the other day. Rock on! Love the music. Is there a recording of Day of the Eagle online somewhere?
was on Friday with your concert in kik ried. that was perfectly… hopes soon again in ried
MR DENNIS JONES... there are no words to truly express how I feel about u, ur music, the way u sing, and the way u play those guitars! closet words... TOP NOTCH ARTIST, RAW, FRESH, FUNKY, GROOVY, BLUESY, ROCK on a whole new level, PASSIONATE, BRILLIANT SONG WRITING, ELECTRIFYING PERFORMER, BEAUTIFUL HEART & SOUL, and SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXAY!. THANK YOU!! xoxo
re: folsom live last night wow, we sure got our money's worth last night. one of the best shows we have got a sweet birthday pairing up with walter trout on stage.
Just heard Passion for the blues on our local community radio station blues program and I was impressed and want to hear more of your work.Do you ever get out west to play, we would love to see you here in the intermountain area. thanks for keeping the blues alive and well!
Please come to Albuquerque, NM!!!
Rock on! See ya down the road Tom Mylett bass Oceanside Ca.
I first heard one performed by you on GTR Radio, a program through KRVM 91.9 in Eugene, OR. It was amazing, I loved it! I'm a huge Blues fan...I hear shades of Hendrix as well as Robin Trower in your music- Love it!!
I am on the website now- checking out some of your music and I must say that I love what I hear! I was your seat partner on the Delta flight this past weekend to ATL. It was a pleasure to meet and chat with you. I wish you and your band continued success and safe travels.
Once again we want to tell you what awesome entertainers and musicians you and your Band are! We purchased all of your CD's and stayed up all night listening to them! You gave us a special treat in this rural area! You made my night by the gift of your guitar pick! We cannot wait for your to return to Wibaux MT!! Love you man!
Hey Guys, if you ever need a cheap place to stay while you're on the road, you are always welcome at our house in Calgary. Just saying. Peace.
Dude I caught your show at Blues at the Bow last night and wow man we had a blast! Love your music, and all three of you were having so much fun on stage. Amazing show! I bought your CD's and will be listening religiously haha! Thanks for a great night!
Longtime fan, would love to see you live bro. If you ever come out near West Virginia/Ohio area I will be in the crowd!! Keep up the good work, you are a fantastic musician and showman with a great band! Peace brother.
I saw you at the Martini bar a zillions years ago...I want to come to Harvelles where it all started..I am retired and got my girls ready 2 go!!! My picture is on your
I had the pleasure of seeing you at Blues on White on the 30th June. You and your band put on a great show. Man, you can make your guitar SING!!!! Hope to get to see you again in Edmonton in the not-to-distant future. Best wishes to you all. Paul
Great time at the Bonita Blues Fest. After party was great good to meet you.
Saw you in Sarasota a couple days back. Just read your story.. you definitely were destined to play my friend.. what a fantastic band and time we had.. ya made my birthday special Dennis.. hope the photos I got for you on your phone were what you needed. God Bless brother.
Loved you at the Blue Rooster, Sarasota!! So smooth, with such feeling and BB! Fabulous, talented band! Couldn't sit still!!
Love to see you again, you rock the blues!!
Hi, I was at your show in Tante Ju, Dresden, Germany, last night. I liked it so much for the incredible guitar playing, brilliant bass and drums as well as the great song selection. Hope you will be back next year, meanwhile I'll buy your latest album. Keep on rockin' and playing the blues. Andy
Thank you for a beautiful evening in Wetzlar. It was great and I hope to see you again. Take care heroes and good times. Best wishes Martina
Thank you and your band for this fabulous performance today in Graz/Austria!
We booked Dennis Jones Band to headline our 7th Annual Blues By The River in Sacramento Ca Oct 1st 2016. In addition to working with three of the sweetest gentlemen I have ever met on the road. All the band members were very professional and quite charming. The performance was HIGH PERFORMANCE and very Dynamic. They "blew the roof off the house"! Three of the most talented musicians I have heard on our blues stage. We would love to have them for a return date in the near future. Tommy King TcKingLive Entertainment...
This weekend at the Blues and Bones Festival DJB put me in my happy place, smack dab in the middle of Rock and Blues!!! Thank you A fan for life Patty
It was great to meet you and hear you play at Diane's party this last Sunday.
Swing your ass out to Texas! We need some Dennis Jones Band out here.
I've heard your music through Mojowax Radio and also read about you on Blues Music Magazine and I became a fan. Great playing, reminds me of my growing up in the 70's and hearing all these great guitar players. I just heard The Machine and I'll get the CD next. I hope you can play a gig in NYC soon.
Helloooooooo Dennis.....I happened to go to your website and heard some tracks on your new cd. WOW!!!!!!! I immediately went to cdbaby and bought it. Between sounding like Trower and that nasty vibrato of yours I had to have it. Can't wait for your next show in the southbay. Keep up the great work. I can tell you have been practicing. Bye. Your friend Long John.
Hello, my name is Ed and I come from Germany and my hobby is moderating blues radio shows at an internet radio here in this country. In the past I've bought your second cd "Passion for the Blues" and now I've got your newest "Both Sides of the Track" as a promotion cd and I only think this...WOW...that's great blues as I like it. Thanks for this wonderful music!! Greetings Ed
Dennis, it was nice to get to see you over the Holidays and thank you for sharing your new CD, "BOTH SIDES OF THE TRACK". It's a GREAT CD, one of your best. From "Enjoy the Ride", to "Mr. Right", "The Machine", and "I Can't Stop", you really ROCK THE BLUES. I urge all your fans to purchase this really Great Work of ART. Then share it with your friends.
Dennis, it was awesome seeing you play at Bigs in Fullerton. I look forward to seeing you again when you are playing local. Look me up on Facebook for a friend request, so I can keep track of your dates.
Really enjoyed your concert last night in Omaha. One of the best shows I have seen. Wondering if you might get more exposure if you did a Hendrix or SRV tribute cd, as you may get more hits on Amazon or Itunes. Keep doing what your doing and its just a matter of time before you get that big break your looking for. Awesome show!! Thank you again!!
Saw this terrific band yesterday at Hot August Blues. Great Job guys. Love to listen to you all.
Had a fabulous time at the Hot August Blues...Awesome performance by our friend!
We were lucky enough to experience Dennis, Raymond, and Dale again at the Surf Spot in Pacifica yesterday. Awesome!As they are every time I get to see them. Thanks guys!
The DJB continues to impress. Dennis has taken his playing and songwriting to the next level with 'My Kinda Blues' Buy the CD and see this band LIVE, you'll be glad you did. CJ Reagan - Blues-E-News Magazine
My girl friend and I saw you years ago at a Irish Pub had a great time the guitar player played next to me and some guy took a picture of him and I ... Made my night to capture the moment but a few years later I still don't have a picture of that night... Oh well I have it in my memory... Right? Hope I get a chance to see your band again in San Diego. Wishing you well...
Just seen you guys live at Blues on Whyte in Edmonton. It is nice to see groups as talented as yourselves up here in the far North. Keep up the greats work.
Heard you on the flo guitar podcast.They sometimes have horrible guest but you were great.I will be looking for you on itunes and hopefully any Miami or south florida gigs you might be having.
Dennis, you were so wonderful at the Yuma blues fest. Best of the best. You got the place rocking and we all became Dancing Danny. Even today, I still can't get your songs off my mind. Thanks for a great show!!
What a great show at Kobe's Steakhouse! I loved the new acoustic material (so sensitive!), and the new drummer is awesome. The show rocked (blued?) as always. You're the best live band around, hands down.
Hi Dennis we were on the 1st 2006 west coast cruise when you were a special guest with Zac. Haven't seen your band yet as we're from the UK but we're looking forward to seeing you on this west coast cruise which is only 3 weeks away! happy sailing. Judy & Chris
Woke up on the last day of Bluesapalooza to DJ and just caught the opening show at Warner Center Park with Al Mckay Allstars, last Sunday. Becoming a fan. ...May try and catch'm at Harvelle's!
Dennis needs to come to Seattle Washington there are many fans out here. I have all four albums and the DVD. Looking for him to come out with more. What Blues Man he is. Please come to Seattle Dennis we are starving for "Your Kinda Blues".
Saw you at Mammoth Blues Festival......WOW, you guys rocked my world & can't wait to see ya all again. I hope you come to LAS VEGAS. I'm already spreading the word how great you guy's are.!! Peace.!
Hi Dennis! Looking forward to see you in the fall back home.
Dennis you need to get on pandora. I saw you at Folsom blues & brews.
Thank you for the song, "Same Train". Your acoustic guitar work is sublime and makes me want to see that side in concert, please. The lyrics are not only a blast to listen to, but tell a story with amazing rhythm that keeps it rolling. I only got to the second song and I had to write! Bill
Dennis: Thanks to you and your excellent band for coming to little ole Simi Valley over memorial Day 2014 (I saw you there when you had the cowboy hat and you burned down the stage). And just after absolutely slicing the stage and the crowd with your amazing playing and singing, you were kind enough to sign your latest CD. Plus Mr Correa on bass and vocals was incredible and was it Mr Turner on drums? Because he was inspirational on stage and on the CD. Please come back! All the best to you and the band. Bill
Saw you at the Yuma Tunes and Tacos. Loved the show, you were the best!!!
25Mar14 Tuesday Manila Hi, I heard Dennis on 1.FM and followed through and he will be a guest on my weekly FM radio show, The Rock and Roll Machine on JAM 88.3 from 9pm to Midnights, Saturdays ( 9am to Noon in Baltimore )....You can hear the shows on MixCloud the day after or LIVE on Saturday morning, or !
Jammin' on the music on your website. Wishing I could be up in Santa Monice seeing you perform at Harvelle's! I bet it is one helluva show!
Hope your doing well....see you the eight hope you still have the same old bass player that signed my strat at the couch house he works well later........
Hey Guys !!! Sure miss you here in San Diego :( How about coming to see Buddy Guy with me and Brian on February 28th at Pala Casino??? Fun time !!!
Dennis, Caught your show last night at Duff's Portland. WOW! What a great show and a tight band you got goin' on! I'm a long time bass player and frequent concert/live show attendee and know good music. Your at the top of my "must see again" list! I wrote the booking agent of the Safeway Waterfront Blues Fest held here in Portland each 4th of July to recommend an invite for you and the boys. Hope it helps. Best Regards, Ron
Here is my feedback to Patrick's in SD after hearing the news that they cancelled you guys. I have loved this place because it is small, intimate, and featured the Dennis Jones band the 2nd Saturday of every month. The place was always packed because of their devoted followers. BUT, now the owner has made a very idiotic decision to cancel them. I cannot fathom why. They brought solid revenue and and a diverse group of people to make this bar a popular dive. Without the Dennis Jones band I won't be back and neither will the many friends I have turned on to this place. Bad move on the part of the owner. These guys are more talent than your place deserves and you know it. They were probably more respectful and personable than anyone else you've hosted as well. If you don't come to your senses and reinstate the Dennis Jones band you will regret the decision, I'm sure.
your bluezzz still resonate through my rib cage tappin' turner's beat guitar riffs and groovin rhythms promisin to raise the crowd to their feet lyrics of life and love...livin and the aches of mistakes passion pourin, poundin', and permeating through the space bluezzz still resonating through my rib cage injecting soul into my core i didn't want to leave that dance floor but i know the freedoms of that liberating funk will bring me back for more freedoms of liberating funk will bring us all back to that dance floor your bluezzzz still resonating through my rib cage thank you all again for realigning my spirit
Looking forward to your Seattle / Tacoma tour.
Can't wait to see you perform next Saturday!
Hey Buddy Since your schedule seems open from Dec 15 to Feb.....Come on home and jam for awhile...Surprise some people! Be great to see you!
Great to see you at the blues event on Sunday at Markley's would have be amazing if you were playing, but I checked out your calendar so I'll be sure to stop in at one of your next gigs. Peace, Kat
It was great seeing you guys again at Patricks II in downtown San Diego. Your talent is incredible. Love to watch as well as listen. And, of course, you make me dance my ass off. Great talking with each of you too. Glad you come to SD regularly. Am turning on all my friends to you.
Cuz keep doin your thing.
You are welcome! Have to assume from from the initials that this is Dennis to whom I am speaking/writing. If not, would you please pass this on to him? Just want to say I have never heard such musical versatility in one human before! You are amazingly gifted, having absorbed elements of so many styles, and genres of music. I can hear Robert Johnson, BB King, Santana, formulaic country music, and more in your songs. I grew up in the St. Louis area on Motown & blues, heard BB King around 1970 in a club, frequented Chuck Berry's farm, have a BA in music (classical piano performance & pedagogy, and a K-12 music credential) so have been around music my whole life. So I can't for the life of me figure out why you are not a household name! You should be! I purchased "Falling Up" at that little club in the French area in SD when I wandered around one night while attending a conference, and plan to purchase your other CDs in the near future as I can. Oh, and please wish your drummer well in his endeavors to get his credential. (He & I spoke during your break that night.) It is difficult, but he can do it! See you in October at Biscuits & Blues. Best Wishes, Patricia
Saw you guys last night at Patricks Pub. Awesome. You guys need to come on to Texas for a show.
Caught you guys at the Brews and Blues event in Las Vegas, you were awesome! Sincerely, hope to catch you again in the near future!
It was great running in to you at Doheny Blues Festival...Too Bad you didn't play!!
Great show in Sacramento last night, looking forward to their return in July!
Over the top performance in Tucson,AZ at the Fox Theater. I was blown away how much better you play, Dennis, that some of the top names. You are exceptional. Your band is fantastic! Hope you come to Tucson, again.
hey hey, is this the reincarnation of some blueslegends? i cant believe ... plz come over to germany ....
Love you guys!!!!! From Hesperia, Ca.
what's up fellas it's carlos cant wait to see ya'll in tucson az again.i've been spreading your music one soul at a time.someone stole my autogtaphed my kinda blues cd that's how bad ass it is. c ya soon ur number 1 tucson fan
I'm an American living in China. You should come here. Lots of guys are starting to pick up guitars and nobody needs blues more than Chinese do. You'd be a hit here. I think Chinese would love the blues once they got to know it a little.
Saw you guys first time yesterday @ Tucson Blues Festival, was blown away! Best live I've heard in years. Dennis, a friend and I agreed you're a cross between Jimmi and Stevie Ray. But really you're YOU . . . and no one like you that I know of. Thanks, man, and hope to catch you guys again.
G'Day Dennis. Iv'e always been a fan mate,but this is your Best to date no doubt,Tecka' will give the "Ozzies" an ear full on Tecka's Tracks Rock & Blues Show' on CRN across Australia every
Greetings Dennis, Y'er latest CD is Smokin' my friend! “Nothin’ But The Blues!” “TOPBLUES” internet radio – Streaming CD quality Blues 24/7 Peace & Blues, Terry O’ “Doin’ the Blues since 1977”
Dennis,thank you for signing my cd @ the Blues Festival in Irvine Lake. My brother in law is now big fan. I told him your like Keb Mo, Stevie Ray Vaughan rolled into one.
*** ah! i sooo MiSS your shows @ the STARBOARD ATTITUDE/LATTITUDE..!!! ~ REDONDO BEACH PIER !!- introduced by my good friend, like 'family-to-me',as i hear...he to you...GREG JENSEN. Perhaps you recall a Face of a FAN, when i perhaps will have an opportunity to see an Honoured PERFORMANCE again.../ ** When i First saw your performance,..i believe in ..???mid 200...? me, it was like my Viewing @an outside record store concert-in Nashville-TN =1985,...hearing an 'Unknown' ..@the minute, but saying= THIS MAN WILL BE A 'LEGEND'!!...Well. THAT, "HE BECAME" !!!...."STEVIE RAY VAUGHN" !!! **** YES.I heard this ..."THE LEGEND in YOU" !!!...iMMediately !!!....jUst...will ya??? "STAY ALIVE" !!!! ;) !!!!!YOU ARE AMAZING !!!
Hot show at Harvelle's guys. The band is so tight. Thats my kinda blues. The sound was great. These guys rock so hard I've seen a PA speaker catch on fire and a monitor amp fry. Luckily it was at the end of both shows. They know just how hard to give it and they blow it out when you can't take no more. Anticipating Irvine Blues Festival very much. I want to hear Baltimore Blues. SoCal has got a special group of artists here with this band and I'm happier everytime I get to see them.
We love you guys. Great show at Arena Theater in Point Arena, CA. Fun time had by all - come on back.
Looking forward to.. your show...Myfriends John DuPont Herbie Herbert and Mendo Co. Group Welcome to Pt. Arena! Donny...
Hi Dennis, My name is Bob Ireland. We met at your show at JJ's Blues last Sat. in San Jose. You and your band were GREAT!!! I'm the one who bought all those CD's and DVD that you signed (and you let me have the set list). I want to thank you, again, for doing that. That made them all the more special that you took time out to do that for me. I've sent the one off, that you signed for Suzanne, to her. I think she'll really appreciate both getting the CD and the music you play on it. I've since listened to them. Dude. You Rock. I mean that with the utmost sincerity. I haven't heard anybody I've been this pumped about since.... well I won't say Stevie Ray because that would be unfair, but honestly, I can't remember the last time that I've been this impressed and jazzed about in the last 10-20 years (maybe Robert Cray). My favorite right now is the Falling Up CD (only because I just got thru listening to it, again Well, just writing to say thank you again. I look forward to seeing you three again, hopefully soon and with a date. And I'll take you up on your offer of being on the guest list. Keep bendin' those notes, Bob
Dennis you and the boys rock your mix of platonic scales,jazz,and ragtime piano on the track passion for the blues was put together with heart. great job to you and the guys by the way the strat you and the guys signed for me, was stolen and retreived in good condition! from one blues player to another "thats what im talkin bout".
i Dennis. Sorry you wont be at Doheney this year. Looking forward to seeing you and the band at other venues. Love your latest CD. Thanks for the music and keep it coming!
Please Play Adama Roots Festival in San Diego CA Talk to lou Curtis and Geaore Varga from the Uieon Tribune news paper in San Diego...And call 619 282 7329...Thanks your fan Saw you in Julian Ca one time with BOB Bawwer Podutions?? You Where Amazing!!!Please Play " Little Wing" for me...And I hope you played with Buddy Guy and Los Lonely Boys they are awesome you will like them...See you soon...Eduardo...." Cant Quit The Blues"!!!Have a good day and say hi to the band.Peace...Also play with Tomcat Coutney from San Diego CA???Thanks for your time!!
Awesome music! Be the Best!
I am counting down the days to your show at The Powerhouse Pub in Folsom, Ca on Sunday Afternoon, March 25th, MY BIRTHDAY!!! I cannot think of anyone I'd rather get my groove on with than YOU! (and a boatload of friends that are gonna celebrate the afternoon away with me and YOU!) Just wanted to give you a heads up Dennis, because "Me and my Possi are gonna be a force to be reckoned with!!!!! :) What can I say, it must be the fact that I too was born and raised in Maryland, Southern Maryland to be exact, so expect a big 'ole hug from me on Sunday okay?!! Peace, Love and Good Music to you always....Jennifer Nathe
I saw Dennis for the first time in Long Beach, Ca. at the "Blues Cafe".2004!! Dennis sat with us after his band had finished,& had drinks with us. We would go there each time he was sch.Great personality!! Bought all of your CD's. Great band! Moved from Ca. back to Ala. in 2006.. Visited the Memphis Blues Fesival in 2008, hoping that Dennis would be there. Dissapointed that he wasn't.. Sure wanted to see & his wonderful voice!! I woyld like to know if he would be touring in Birmingham, Al. in the near future? Thanks, Lyndia Roehler
We couldn't make it to Temecula & we miss you guys..can't wait for you to come back to San Diego. Patricks II or wherever. Tony & Jennifer, Tony & Maria
Enjoyed you at Harvelles in Long Beach.
I love you guys!!! See you tomorrow night!
Saw you at the Warner Park in Woodland Hills on Sunday. What an unexpected pleasure. You guys totally rocked the park and can't wait to see you again. Your cover of Purple Haze got even the old rockers on their feet.
Brotherman! Saw you at Patrick'sII in Gaslamp Saturday You guys are awesome! Blew me away! It was real and down right dirty! I would like to see more gigs in San Diego. Would like to hire for private pool party also! David I
Thanks for the fun in Julian! Pics:
Hey, Dennis and guys. Checked you out at Robb Bower's Bluse Fest in Julian last weekend. You guys are certainly one of the tightest bands I have ever seen in my life! I'm still buzzing from your show. You guys have ALL the bases covered! Thanks so much! Jeff Nix, San Diego.
Dennis, Thank you so much for the CD. You're a sweetheart. And wow, you guys blew us all away at the Julian Blues Festival. I'll meet up with you at Humphtreys or Patricks so I can pay you back. Sandie xo
Nice show at the Julian Blues Festival gentalmen, very nice style! Deborah Blake
LOL! 2 Marti's... lucky you! OC Marti is looking forward to seeing you at Long Beach Marti's birthday bash - the Doheney Blues Fest! I will also be heading to Santa Monica to chech you guys out Saturday night. It's always my pleasure. Marti
Awesome Dennis! You will be at the Doheny Blues Festival, FINALLY!!! We have been going for years now, hoping to see you there!..Rock it!!!!!!!!..
Hey Dennis, wow, you're playing at my birthday party Doheny Blues Fest - Excellent! See you then, Long Beach Marti
I am so happy to have found you while checking out the Doheny site and am looking forward to seeing you many times here in SoCal. It's a beautiful thing. Thanks.
Saw you guys at Patrick's in SD in early March. I was totally blown away with all three of you, you are all masters of your instruments. I had a great time !! Can't wait to get back to California (in June) and will hope you have a SD date while I am there.
Really enjoyed your music in San Diego on Saturday night. The CD was great listening while driving up the California coast. Thanks for helping make our California trip special!!!
Hope to see y'all tonight at Harvells!
i saw u guys in tucson az i have 3 of your cds u fucking smoke god bless the dennis jones band alvin lee meets stevie who flirts with jimi and in the womb is dj take that u sorry mofo i said it beware dennis jones band whoop that ass
Hey there........still waiting for you to come to Colorado! -Peg :)
Hi Guys! Saw You at San Francisco, Bisquits & Blues at 14 Jan. Great Show! Hope see You in Finland some Day! Greetings From Finland, Europe...
saw show at patricks sat.nite it was great thank you.
Just going over my name and found your site! I will try to catch you when you're in the LA/Long Beach area. GREAT SOUND!! DENNIS JONES
From: To: CC: Subject: Response From Bellyup4blues Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 02:53:25 -0600 Jackwalker — October 26, 2010 @ 10:26 pm — Reply Dennis Jones is a magnificent guitar player i love his sound it’s different just as Deborah Coleman sound & Style It’s a powerful rockish sound he is being totally disst by the industry, I wonder why?. I have tried to find his material sense the release of pleasure & pain, but to no avail, i can’t find the covers for his previous material any where. who knows maybe you can help me! I had never Heard of Dennis Jones Until Pleasure & about some help JackWalker
Great stuff...Keep it goin'!
Love the new photos and new look! You are just hotter than hot!! See you new Years Eve!
Looking forward to New Years in SoCal this year. Still haven't taken any of your CD's out of my car. Can't commute without you.... T-
I like the new hat! But you'll always be the sleeveless Blues Cowboy to me! See you in a few weeks.
Hi Dennis! Met you on the plane from Chicago to LA. You should contact SOHO in Santa Barbara and see if you can do a show there. It would be great!! I'll keep track of your shows and if we can make it to LA for one I'll let you know! Onward!!!! Candace Schermerhorn
All I can say is, What A Show!! Saw you guys at the Paramount Blues Festival this past Saturday and the three of you were on Fire! What a pleasutre it is to find such a great band with fabulous music all of their own. I'm sitting at my work desk today enjoying both CDs I bought. Simply excellent Dennis, Mike and Sam! Hope to see you guys again. Roy
Just saw the band at Paramount Blues Fest in Grafton, WI; great show by Dennis and the guys. Then they showed up at the after party, and were just great guys to meet, very gracious to all the fans and then played a few songs, what a treat to see them in that setting. If you have a chance to see these guys do it! If you're looking to book a great blues band for an event Dennis Jones Band will not disappoint.
Your band rocked the house in Grafton!
Just got done at the Paramount Blues Festival. Been waiting to catch you for awhile. Thanks for signing my CDs. Come this way again please.
Awesome show last night, thanks for the great music & good times! Looking forward to seeing you in Oct. tony, maria, jennifer & tony
Just wanted to thank you for the birthday dedication at Harvelle's last Saturday night - you made my special day even more special!!
Show tonight at the mall is going to be my 3rd Dennis Jones show. They always put on incredible shows. I can't wait to see what Mike does in La Grange.
Great Pleasure and Pain CD! Jack Kelley and the Three Beer Story
More D J B Please.......
Saw you Dennis at Patrick's II San Diego. I can't wait to see you at Humphrey's some time. Thanks for coming by and chatting twice. Just mentioned your band in one of my blog posts :-) David McCarter
Nice to hear "Blue Over You" come on when I come to your sight. Makes me happy to hear your music! Have a great show at the Long Beach Bayou Festival! Wish I could be there. Love ya, :) Karen
Hey Dennis, It was good to see you at Doheny again this year. I'm back on your email list again and will be seeing you the next time you play in the area.
Dennis you sling a mighty guitar! I was really glad we chose to show up early for dinner to the Coachhouse. I purchased a CD and will be rockin a fellow guitarist I can respect what you do. Chuck
Unbelievable show at the Coach House on May 15! Your fingers were moving at lightning speed, and the music was still so clean. Your band is TIGHT! Thanks for entertaining us all, and making it a night I'll remember for years to come!
Wow, you are good! I only caught the last few minutes or your performance at the Coachouse Saturday but you left me asking "Who was that"? I will be sure to catch you again!
Aloha Dennis, I noticed you are playing the same weekend as Irvine Lake. I would rather see you than tommy and coco. The date you are playing is different on their website. Is it sat 26 or sun 27? Get back to me if you can and I will arange to be there. Much Aloha from Brian and family
I've been a Dennis Jones fan from the first day I heard him play. I've had the privledge of working with Dennis on a few occaisions each time being a treat. I've got 'Pleasure and Pain' crankin' as I write this and it's not 8 AM yet! Call me a fanatic...just don't call me late for the show!
Dennis is the 'real deal'. Anyone can see it. I'm one of the privledged ones who is going to get to see this star shine, join me, won't you. Keep it real Dennis. Casey
Dennis, your music is exactly what the Northern California Blues Festival needs in order to gain the reputation as a serious kick ass blues fest, that ranks right up there with the best! I cannot wait to see you perform in August...but until then, trust me-I am listening and dancing to you, and loving you & your talent too! Excuse me while I turn you up!
I see you will be on the October Blues Cruise. Was hoping to see you on the Jan 2011 Cruise. Would love to see you in Colorado sometime. It's a great place for the Blues....
'Music is a moral law- it gives wings to the mind, A soul to the universe, Flight to the imagination, A charm to sadness, A life to everything.' -- Plato... - and you Dennis Jones share your gift of music with everyone.
'Music is a moral law- it gives wings to the mind, A soul to the universe, Flight to the imagination, A charm to sadness, A life to everything.' -- Plato... - and you Dennis Jones share your gift of music with everyone.
Dennis, It's been many, many years since we've seen one another my friend. Thank God for social media huh? I always knew you would go big time Dennis. From the time we met and became friends in Baltimore (Timonium), to the time you moved to LA. You have "it" my brother (and I know "it" when I see "it"), and I knew "it" way back in the day when we lived across the court yard from each other. I am so proud of you Dennnis. All you needed was some real exposure period. You have all of the elements for superstardom. Knowing you, that's not the goal; writing and delivering great music is what I've always known you to be about, but hey, there's nothing wrong with receiving the benefits from all those years of diligence. I want to come to see you and your boys play man. I love the track samples. Let me know whenever, you're playing the Southern Cal area. I'll keep checking your site too. I retired from broadcasting in 2004. I still swing the camera though. In fact, we need to talk about some video for your band. Send me an e-mail, and I'll send you the personal digits and fill you in.
we saw you play last night in temecula. Great show.I cant beleive it was'nt packed out.Maybe because of not enough advertising. I only found out on the day befor.Any way Thanks for a good time.
Dennis Jones - There are several of us up here in Seattle that have caught your shows in the LA area while on vacation/business trips. When are you going to make it up here? We have some great blues clubs, but all a blues club up here needs is you to be great! Come on up to the beautiful Northwest and burn up the night life with your tremendous guitar playing vocals and overall band. We are anxiously waiting!!! Zoe
You guy's sound great. Looking forward seeing you when you play in Temecula.
looking forward to seeing you visit the North West.
Awesome! Buffalo NY is waiting for ya. Drive don't fly!
your LBC show last night was kick ass.. I had lost track of your band for a couple of years and it was a totally cool to hear you jam once again... my have to take a road trip in April down to the gas lamp district in S.D. to hear ya all jam again... I haven't danced that much in years, thanks for the awesome music and the work out I got... Nothin beats hearing damn old blues with a rocker kick. I am still smiling, and playing your lastest CD full blast, certain my neighbor's are enjoying it as well. Peace out.
hey man...just heard your"kill the pain" and it is my kinda' blues. thanks. Mike
I heard Kill the Pain on J.T. the Brick's radio show, outstanding. Are you coming to Houston? Keep it coming, Ed
Dennis Jones you have an immense talent and are so down to earth. This is your time. Dreams do come true. Much love, Karen
I heard you in Tucson at the Blues Festival in October, 2009. Wow! Come back!
Hey Dennis - got the email from your agent today - wow, i always knew you were on fire, but you can make lightning come outta yo ass - who knew!? love the picture, see you soon...marti
Saw you in Tucson in October 2009 at the Blues Festival. Your music was beautiful; so are you. I'm a close friend of Sweet Willie D.
I know you been to the crossroads....
You rock my brother, missed you at the Ronnie Montrose gig! You could teach him some licks. Yeah buddy! Keep rockin'
So happy to see all the changes: Booker, Publicist and IBC! You go boy - rock their world with some outstanding BLUES!! Love ya, Karen
hi! I am japanese gutar player. Your guitar play made me fine!! I like you. I hope to play with you! see you.
I saw the Dennis Jones group at the Tucson Blues Festival on Oct 18. AWESOME! Rockin' great music! Haven't seen or heard anything like it in years. I'll be buying some CD's. Thanks, Dennis.
You were most excellent at yesterday's blues festival in Tucson, AZ. The only band I enjoyed was yours. Great Day!
You get good reviews in Blues Revue Magazine. I'm impressed.
Great show at Harvelles tonight! Really like the new stuff! Thanks for letting me break out my dancin' feet.
Hey Dennis! We saw you at patrick's 2 last night! we sat in the vip corner! LOL You really rock! Can't wait for you to return to San Diego we'll be there!
Nothin like a good sunny day at the fair with the baddest band performing there. Excellent!Excellent!Excellent! Peace. Los Angeles
you guy's kick ass my wife and kids and i had a great time watching your set at the fair. thank you for a great show, shout out to micheal for coming up to us and the kind words about my little girl who was in the groove thanx
saw you at the fair last week made my day .what kind of set up do you use to get your sound, and what years are your strats. thanks jesus loves you
Dennis, This past Sunday, Sept. 13th, I had the pleasure of hearing your terrific music for the first time at the L.A. County Fair. Liked your music so much that I had to get 2 of your CD's! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Wow.... seven sets in two days?? AMAZING! thank you so much. As always, I loved every minute..... Julie
love the new album track 5 blue over you great feeling in the strings
Hey guys!!! How are you? Just wanted to say hello and let you know I will be seeing you soon...can't tell you exactly when but soon. Be safe.
Great show last night at Harvelle's!  You're a mad man on that guitar!
Dennis....met you guys at the Decatur Celebration, August 2009, Decatur, Illinois...and in getting to know you...I watched all three sets and loved them all. Sending a picture to your email account that I took from my cell phone!
My 23 MONTH old granddaughter totally danced the night away to your music in Decatur, Il. Awesome show. I'm a fan for life. Keep up the excellent work.
WOW....smokin' hot.....OUCH....When u coming EAST ??? Stop by in Buffalo sometime........PEACE
Dennis, A real pleasure seeing you at Doheny. My only regret is that you were not performing.A perfect venue for you. Maybe next year. See you at the L.A. County Fair. Jay
Great CD Release Party at The Cellar! I love you new CD Pleasure & Pain - can't take it out of the player yet - too good to put away!
Dennis- Pleasure & Pain baby! Third one's the charm! I wish you all the best and much success. We'll get you a video out of this yet, keep the faith brother! Casey
We saw you last night at Humphrey's, great job!!!
Just checked-out your site for the first time and was immediately impressed with the layout, content and the tunes!!!! My wife and I are excited to hear you live during the Decatur Celebration in August... You'll have a blast! See ya then!
Wait til May 30? Gawd, Dennis, you're killin' me!
Dennis! Great meeting you in Memphis (I was the mostly drunk brother in the Richmond, VA, group THE BUSH LEAGUE talking you up at the Trolley to go Beale Street Friday nite). Would definitely like to stay in touch with you to pick your brains and maybe one day share the stage! Check us out at and hope to hear from you soon...
Dennis, Caught your show at Harvelle's this past weekend. You were EXHILERATING! I haven't seen anyone play the guitar like you since Jimi Hendrix himself. Can't wait for your new cd, "Pleasure & Pain" and your CD Release Party May 30, 2009 at The Cellar. What a great night that will be!!!
Listened to Dennis play at Patricks in San Diego last weekend.. Awesome! I really enjoyed him that night and since on my cd player.. beautiful music..
Hey man, I met you at last Adams Avenue Street Fair. Im working on my band's first official album:) So we could play at the Street Fair this year
I'm a bass player from Maryland. My cousin in Texas sent me your info. I love the blues too. Going to get your CD's. Woody
Sir Dennis 'Rock Ya All Knight' Jones Just saw your 'Big Black Cat' MusicUCanSee video on YouTube, and that's a top ten hit song you have there! Impressive video too. Rock on and on.... Your new fan, Tamie
Dennis, had a blast last night at Harvelle's, can't wait until the CD release party.
Dennis, you were fantastic last night at Harvelle's. Can't wait till the CD release party, should be great times.
DJ!! What's up?? How's that CD coming along?? I am waiting like a baby bird waits for Momma...... xo Jules
Thank you Dennis for your support @ my Healing Blues benefit! I really enjoyed you and your wonderful band your originality and sweet sound is highly respected. Much Love and Success Denis Sista Sherry
I am patiently waiting for your new CD to drop. I can't wait to hear more. Gots love for your music. Love ya. P.S. "Awsome like always!"
Hey Hey Dennis. its about 20!!!years we met en L.A. at the lingerie club at sunset. I don't know if you remember me, but anyway I just had this nostalgic feeling the other day. i was thinking about L.A., the fishbones, blackasorus mex, and i was wondering about you and your music. i learned meanwile sax, and sang in my own groups too, now i have a wonderful daughter.. so i went to google, and well, surprise! I like your blues style it suits you very well. Compliment. So here in Zürich, in Switzerland are some Festivals of Jazz/Blues, and so, the other day i saw an Organisation which every Year are performing a gitar night and different concerts from all over the world. And you you have been in France and Italy. That's cool. So i just send you the Adress of the Organisation. ...."All Blues", Konzert AG Winterthur. Phone: 0041522140214, Who knows, you never know if there would be a chance to play in Switzerland too.;-) So now i wish you and your family all the best. And more and more nice and good Concerts. Bless and kiss Kiri
I see your show at Paris. Great sound, great show !!!
I saw you for the first time in Fance at the Billy Bob in Disneyland and what a great show !!! I came specially to hear Blues and I met the soul of it ! You are a really big bluesman and if you return to France, I 'll be there... Good luck, and big blues music always on the road with you and you group...
Just saw you for the first time at Patrick's II about a week or so ago. I can't believe I've never heard of you. The blues are alive and well in San Diego! David
Great blues My man :-)
Thanks for playing Little Wing! You're the best live band around, and when I'm not dancing I'm listening to your amazing lyrics. Can't wait for the new CD.
Dennis, You are a very talented and creative man. I enjoy your music and performances.... d.d.
I was out at the cellar on Friday night, and the blues was "spot on." An nice mix of originals and covers! Well done DJ!
I'm gettin' that craving again...nothing else can make it go away but the sound of your guitar......
congrats man, my sister lisa turned me on to your cd. glad to see someone we grew up with make it in the music world. best of luck in all you do. take care and drop a line if you can. fred brooks
Saw you at Sherry Pruit's benefit. Wow! I will catch your act a my first opportunity, either at Harvelle's or the Cellar. Great web site.
I saw you perform yesterday at a benefit in LA. It was my first introduction to you and your music, it was an awesome experience. I plan to follow your schedule and hope to see you soon at a local venue.
Heard the band at the Sherry Pruitt benefit, awesome!
Dennis, You are such a talented musician. It takes something more from the inside to make the kind of music you do. Can't wait to see you at The Cellar!
just heard about you.i know the drummer inthe band that is opening for you in long beach tonite!good luck.i"ve been playin for 45 years.look forward to hearing you. steve dorf
Saw you for the first time at Cozy's last night. Glad we did not miss that show. You are fantastic. Thanks for a great time!
Heard you guys on the radio last week, 88.1, it was awesome! Congratulations...
Love your first two CD's Waiting for the third one to come out. I live up in Washington State is there any chance that you can come up here to play.
Caught your show at the Coach House. GREAT SHOW!
Thanks for Autographing my strat great band
Hey Dennis, how was the Coach House show? Hope you lit a fire under Johnny W. Just before you split for a cold one in 7-11 Sunday in San Diego, I was going to tell you, but maybe you already know, about the KSDS blues show that runs on 88.3 from 8:00 Saturday night till 6:00 Sunday morning. J Otis has been playing Super Deluxe for several months now. His shift is 2:00 to 6:00 Sunday morning. Take care...
Dennis, Hope that cold beer you went to fetch in the 7-11 Sunday in San Diego was still cold by the time you made it to the register! Lonnnng line... Get Johnny talkin bout your licks tonight. I'd love to hear that he pulled you up on stage for a tune.
Hey Baby! Looking forward to tomorrow night! WOO HOO!! Love you! xo Julie P.S....note my new email address....
Great music bro. My favorite song of yours is "You dont know a thing about love" but all of your songs are full of rhythm and deep down blues. Peace brother.
Dennis, What a great show you put on in Wrightwood! Hope to see you again next year. Steven
Happy Birthday Dennis!! Sorry we couldn't celebrate with you in SM. We were with you in spirit! Hope to see you soon!! You look GREAT for an Old Guy! xoxo
greatttttttttttttttt... see you at adams ave...
Howdy Dennis, Happy Birthday Greetings from San Diego. We can't make it up for your B'day bash tonight, but we'll be lookin' forward to seeing you when you play Adams Ave Street Fair down here. Stay Cool, Best Wishes. Fred & Nadja
Dennis, Congrats on the Long Beach Blues Festival show.. I,ve seen you at several festivals, but this is the first time I caught you on stage. Your Hend rix/Vaughn style of shredding is deserving of Main Stage, Man! As I am sure you have heard, the second stage sound guy had your guitar way down your whole set. WTF? The same thing happened to Lil Ed and the Imperials at Doheny a couple of years ago. Looking forward to seeing your gig with Johnny Winters at the Coach House. I,m sure my ears will be ringing after that show...!
Hey Dennis, I had the privelage of meeting you at the Long Beach Jazz Festival on Sunday (8/31/08). I had mentioned that I would see you at the at the Pomona Fair Grounds. I read your bio & you are an amazing musician. I want to support you. Robert D. & girlfriend in the I.E.
Dennis.... How did I get the sound of your guitar in my bloodstream? Then again, why question ecstasy?? xox Jules
hey dennis sorry it took me two weeks to get back at you but my life is extreemly complicated.I run a construction business and attend a lot of festivals>I've been working on my own sound for 30've never heard me play but Iam sure your passion for the blues would make your ears perk.when we met you said you didnt need a harmonica player and I know meny fabulous front men, but I'am happy to just be your friend and if we put something togeather some day that would be fabulous too.I write most of my songs and would be willing to write some for you ,I like your sound... your friend SILVER FOX aka jeffery e. fierro sr.
...Dennis, such a lucky woman and singer I am to have met you on myspace so that I can sincerly say, you are in my myspace top and you will be for ever, cos you're a passionate singer and guitarist and doing music sharing emotions and feelings with the audince is a great gift, so you have this gift, cos I can feel energy and emotion through the web tracks so I am sure I will enjoy more and more live (unfortunately I missed your show at Big Mama in Rome, my hometown) so I wish you all the best cos you are great and I also wanna say this site is so nice, I spent a lot of time watching also to the many pics, you have awonderful family too, :) all the best my friend...., see you on myspace, kisses, Liv
Dennis, Dennis, Dennis...... That hot sauce song is my new favorite. Whatever does it mean?? ( She said, knowing full well..... :) You are my favortie musician. I adore you... xo Julie
Hi there Dennis & Karen, Where's the big party for July 7th? Thanx, Bill & Carol
Dennis, You and your band rocked the 10th Annual Julian Blues Bash! I hope to see you again next year.
As useall you and your band put on one hell of a show at the Blues Bash in Julian. Thanks again. Kevin
Dennis Jones - I can't wait to see you this Saturday at the Julian Blues Bash! They are bringing back the best of the last 10 years and YOU are the best of the best. Rock the blues til my soul soars.
Hi, Dennis: Thanks for visiting with us and doing photos at Spaghettini's (at Will Donato's CD release party). You were very sweet and gracious. Susan Drysdale & Sharon Watson
Keeep,up the good work D.J. I will see you soon..
Keep up the great music. We look forward to your next CD.
Dennis, sorry for being so obnoxious @ Doheny, it was all in good fun. I have a couple of addresses for you to send out press packages. Doheny Blues Fest is run by Rich Sherman of Omega Events, 26429 Rancho Parkway South, Suite 135, Lake Forest, CA, 92630. You can mention my name, we are fairly well acquainted. He runs a few other festivals as well, one being Long Beach Blues Fest over Labor Day. Next you can contact Keith Miller @ KPRI Studio, 9710 Scranton Road, Suite 200, San Diego,CA, 92121. Mention you are playing the Julian Blues Fest & ask if they would like to do a phone interview. Keith does the morning show w/ lots of artist interviews. He's a good friend of mine. Also, there is an all Blues show on KSDS Jazz 88 Saturday nights from 8pm-midnight. The DJ, "T", is blind & only likes live interviews. It would be great if he had your CD. I don't have their address right now but can get back to you with it. Hope this helps to get your name out there. Talk to you soon.
As i set here listening to my favorite blues CD, Condition Blue I was wondering what became of Thee Great Dennis Jones ? Well I dont have to wonder no more. may God Bless you and your wonderful talent, and let it carry you all the way to stardom! an old friend......Jim Kuhn
The bluezzz have always been a gift that provide a sexy and groovy means to express fathoms of emotions and slide into your funk...(not the sad abyss kind of funk, but the get-out-of-the-way-to- make-room-on-the-dance-floor kind of funk). The Dennis Jones band music will seep into your veins. If any musicians can engulf's this funkified group. Trust me, you'll welcome the consumption! With a sultry singer who could melt some souls, a crowd pleasin' drummer, "tappin-turner",who has perpetual energy, and a guitar player who soaks it all in and wrings it all out on his just can't go wrong. And, no, they didn't pay me for the endorsement, but it seems, I've become a "groupie" make some room on the dance floor...I'm goin' in. Thank you for realigning my soul, over and over, with your bluez. I am forever grateful. Keep on pouring out your passions!
Dennis Jones Band - WOW! I saw you Saturday night at Harvelle's and was blown away. You play guitar like nobody's business! I am so glad I got to hear your music. I bought Passion For The Blues and have been jamming ever since. Keep Blues Alive.
Hello Gentlemen : ) It's GREAT to hear you're gonna be out in our neck of the woods!! Last time we saw you was New Years Eve at The Blue Cafe, we were Rockn' in the New Year 2008!!! Hope to see you all Saturday in Redondo Beach!! Woooot!!!! God Bless!! xo Mary
Great show at Arcadia Blues. That was my first time seeing you. You burned up that guitar!
Hi Dennis, Well, can You sent me promotional copy of yours cd's for promotion and airplaying. So, if you are willing to send me promotion materials you see fit, I will be more than happy to present it in my radio show and I 'll appreciate it very much. I HOPE THAT WE CAN STAY IN TOUCH. Please check my playlist from radio show 'ROCK – OKO' Radio Krizevci 96,6 MHz at and for my reviews check it out at look at ‘BLUES CORNER’. Best regards Mladen Loncar – Mike Rock oko radio show @ 96,6 MHz +385989400184 My address is: MLADEN LONCAR Tomislavova 9 48260 Krizevci Republic Of Croatia Europa
bluezzz have always been a gift, with a sexy and groovy means to express fathoms of emotions and slide into your funk without falling into the other abyss-like kind of funk. the dennis jones band music is in my veins. if any band can egulf you, it is this funkified group. trust me, you'll welcome the consumption.
bluezz have always been a gift with a sexy and groovy means slide into fathoms of emotions and slide into your funk without falling into the other abyss-like kind of funk. the dennis jones band music pumps through my veins. if any band can engulf you, it is this funkified group. trust me, you'll welcome the consumption!
bluezzz have always been a gift...with a sexy and groovy means to express the fathoms of emotions and slide into your funk without falling into the other abyss-like kind of funk. the dennis jones band music is in my veins. if any band can engulf you---it's this funkafied group. trust me, you'll welcome the consumption.
"Dennis you ROCKED!"The show was full of life and energy at Harvelles. Its always a pleasure to listen to your band. Hope to see you guys soon. Love yall. Peace.
I always love and knew your music was in demand. Keep doing what you do and more blessings will come your way. I will get to hear you in person as well as online. Till then, stay as you are, and I'm sending my love and wishes to you and the band. Rose Sidale's mom
I stopped in at Cafe Boogaloo with some friends the other night and saw you playing with Zac Harmon. That is the hottest rendition of Red House I have heard in years!
Dennis hot show on New Year's Eve at the Blue Cafe! Thanks for an awesome show and Happy New Year!!!
Just got Falling Up. Amazing - sound and artistry not suprising.
Hey Dennis its the Aussie Piano Player - Been moving around since we last spoke on the LRBCruise and am in Adelaide Aust. Thought of you as the has a tribute to hendrix event this sunday 2nd Dec. You would tear it up all the best to yourself and say hi to Michael.
Caught you on the Blues Cruise and hope you'll be back next year. Both my wife and I really enjoyed you and your band. We also have a lot of photos we took of you and your band performing up in the Crows Nest and later with Sista Monica in the Vista Room. You were hot. Gotta get ya on the cruise for next year!!!!!!
Word has it, Dennis and the group is working on a new CD. Hope it'll be comin' out, soon! Happiest of holiday seasons to you, DJ! Terrible Terry
Hi Mr. Michelangelo Arms, I have a few pics and video of you on the blues cruise. Can I email them to you? Janie
We enjoyed your concert at Humphrey's so much! Dennis, Mike and Antonio, you played so well, you put me right back on to my Cruise Cloud! The sticks are back in the trunk, Mike. Wow, what a drum solo that was.... Thanks again, Katinka & Bob
Enjoyed your music and meeting you on the BluesCruise 2007 last month. Love your CD's. It was so much fun seeing you play with your band and also jamming with Lee Oskar, Taj, the Lowrider Band, etc.etc.etc. We plan to come out to the next cruise out of San Diego. Thank you for the awesome music and see you then. LuvYa, Rose
Hey D.J. Can you believe that no one has left a comment on hear in a month.... so I felt obliged. It was awesome to see you sing with the Low Riders on the blues cruise (aka WAR).But I must say , the whiskey was a little better. C ya soon! T
Dennis, was such a pleasure to meet you officially this year and really enjoyed all your performances -- just wish there would have been more of Dennis Jones - I requested your Band to be included as a performer next Oct. Amy was most pleased to hear you had asked about her & will be really excited when I give her your CD. Read, with interest your Bio, will be listening to your songs - "smiling", envisioning your awesome style & talent. Best of luck !! Look forward to cruising again in 2008 and hope you are there!! Love ya, Ms Joanne (Amy's Mom)
It's always a pleasure to experience the sound of the Dennis Jones Band. The show at Harvelles was really cool.
Hi Dennis, You and your band was excellent Saturday Sept.22nd...Everyone really enjoyed it when you got up and played with Ronnie Dalton's gang. Can't wait to be able to hear you all play again...Maybe you will be able to make it to Baltimore area, again soon. Clyde can't stop talking about how good the music...the blues, the food and seeing old friends was. Wish you Luck with everything you do, Tina & Clyde
Thank you Dennis for a excellent job you and your band did playing 9/22/07 on your 30 yr class reunion, you all were excellent can't wait to be able to hear you preform again I was at the reunion with Clyde Wilson I am his girlfriend Tina. IT was a great reunion we are still talking about it. Thanks Again, Tina & Clyde
Hi Dennis, Just wanted to say hi again after all these years. You put on a Great Show back here in Baltimore. Good Food, Old Friends and the Blues....It just doesn't get any better! Wish You the Best, Clyde & Tina
Dennis It was great to see you again Saturday night after 30 years. Your band was a wonderful addition to a fun filled night. Best of luck to you in the future. annie
Love ya, bro -- keep on playin, lovin and livin the blues!! Dennis and Janie "BLUUUZ"
Hey Dennis! Great having you back in Baltimore..if only briefly. Seeing you play again was fantastic! And the Manor Tavern was a treat too.'re still the best damn guitarist I've ever seen and heard. Wow. Didn't think you could get any better, but damn if you didn't!! Cheers and hope to see you again soon. Richard Hays
Dennis, We went to Hereford together - I saw that you were playing at our reunion 22 Sep and I CANNOT believe I can't be there!!! I'm happy for your success! It looks like you are having a great time. Take care of yourself! Trish '77
We saw you at the Arcadia Blues Club on my fiance's birthday 9/7. You made her birthday memorable and filled it with incredible music. Thank you!!!!
Dennis, I watch you and your band for the first time last night at Martini Blues. I was very impressed by your imense talent and passion. I can't wait until the next show. Long live the BLUES!!! It will never die. Regards, Steve
You were smokin' at the Ritz Carlton! I know there are millions out there just waiting for the chance to see an artist of your caliber and talent. Can't wait to see you again.
dennis, Wow I am so hapoy for you! I got your info from Stuart along with the 30 year reunion info from Hereford High school...I cannot wait to see& hear you play! Love Missy
We saw your show in Wrightwood last nite. We really enjoyed your music ! (great web site too). We were glad that we had a chance to meet you after the show and we're looking forward to seeing you guys play again !!!
Dennis, I just love you and the band. When are y'all going to be at the Blue Cafe in Long Beach? My friends and I would love to come out for a show!
Dennis, Can't wait to catch your show on the 22nd, awesome.
Hey Dennis, You were excellent at the Harvelles Guitarslingers show 8/10. Hope to see more of you soon.
Dennis -- These clips sound fabulous!! I may just have to attend the reunion just to hear you play :) Robyne
Great Band!!! I have all the CD's
Watup Homie found your page hit me
Hi Guys, Just checking in on your calendar of events. I guess I will have to exercise my patience for my waking desire of a Dennis Jones Fix. Too bad for me...I guess the best remedy for withdrawal is a CD, yea? See ya'll in August, Marchell
Dennis, just found out about you while cruising on buddahead site and then to Perq's!! You sound right up my alley!! Can't get info on cd so need to ask you how much including shipping to Ft Lauderdale, FL!! Man, always nice to find some good new blues!! Take care and best of luck with all, Michael
I've heard all about your talent from Karen and can't wait to see you live!
Hi..For some reason I have down in my calendar you all playing in wrightwood, for the Jazz festival Sat Aug 4th.. Did you cancel the show or is this just wishful thinking??
Hi Guys, As always the Denis Jones Band delivers...Without even knowing it you guys made a not so enjoyable date into a pleasurable evening. Thanks for rescuing me...I can always count on your music when all else fails. Not to mention the unruly "Freebird" crowd was quite entertaining. See you guys soon. Marchell P.S. Dennis, I do love those 11 inch strings ;}
heyy man, I really dig your new cd. You should come play in Belgium soon. I'm sure they love you here.
Great Site! Can't wait to hear you guys play, my friend Tonya Moore sent me the link and has raved about your performance at the Julian Blues Fest! Rock On! luv&light, sweet~ The Chi Club
Hey Dennis, Saw the show at Harvelle's RB Friday and it was superb!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent show at Harvelles, That's what you call real music "D."Thanks for the warm hospitality its a pleasure all the time, "Keep doing the d.......m thing!" because you rocked the other night. PEACE OUT AND LOTS OF LOVE. NATASHA
Feelin nothin but love for you - see ya on the 29th
This guy rocks!!!! I watched him at Starboard's Redondo Pier like over a year ago and was in love with his voice - i still play the CD every once in a while!! Where is he playing next any new dates??
love your sound, ever come West of LA, or to the Inland to see you perform in person...a fan.
Great show last night. Really enjoyed it.
Mr. Jones, What a beautiful person you are inside and out. Thanks for the inspiring words you gave to this wanna-be-drummer-chick. I have always known the blues and I hope to be one of the conduits soon. I'll have to check out a live show of yours as I hear you are amazing. Best of continued success to you! Peace, Suzanne
What is there to say?!?! You guys ROCKED the HOUSE last night! DAYUM! I'm always left in the wonderful "post DJ Band" haze for a couple of days after seeing you all perform! How can I thank you all? As I said......I must've done something very good as a little girl and I am now being rewarded. Good thing I saved that little kitty when I was seven.. (I know it had to be that. I haven't been a good girl since..............).
I've got to tell you that you guys rock. I wasn't quite sure how I'd feel about the show but damn did you guys impress me! Keep it up and I look forward to catching you at another show.
Thank you Dennis for the wonderful concert in the Bluesiana club cafe´in carinthia Austria.hope you are fine. maybe we see us in future. Greetings and hug katrin
Welcome Back DJ Band
Everytime I listen to both of your CD's, it puts me in a romantic mood & reminds me of the man I love. Your music is soo passionate, heart felt with intelligent lyrics. Keep up the Incredible work
Heard about you through my friend - Greg Jensen Great sound!
you guys are to cool,thank you for playing it, its bin a big inspiration to me to reely try to get my music off the floor. please, dont stop, keep it up. keep the blues flame berning.
i was playing keno at harrahs casino i herd you start playing and i told my wife ;i quote (doesnt that sound like jimi hendrix?.SO i had to walk over to the bar OASIS BAR!! WELL the rest is history!! dennis keep up the good work see you at harvels on the 20th. larry & diana
What is this sweet honey dripping charisma this band has? I now know what true addiction is. I am constantly checking performance dates so I know where and when to get my next Dennis Jones Band fiX! What a sweet surrender!
Hi Dennis saw and met you for the first time at Martini blues last week. You're Great! I will catch you again in the So Cal area. I was wondering if are scheduled to be on either of the up and coming Rythem and Blues Cruise? Have a safe trip in Europe.....Henry
3/11/07 My brother and some friends and I saw you guys last night at Martini Blues... the friend was the drunk white guy pulling people up to dance and chatting your ear off between sets! Damn, you guys grooved my ass off! Wish I'd had a man to move with because the Rockin' Blues just does it to me! Anyway, can't wait to see you again. Thank you! Marti BTW - I love your family collection on your Photos link here... looks like a good time was had by all... gotta love the family!
Loved your performance at Martini Blues! My duties were in the room on the left, but I somehow found myself lured by the blues next door...(flaked on my responsibilities because of you'll) Have fun in Italy...Can't wait to see you all at the Blue Cafe. Tony, I believe it was your bass beat that truly moved my soul. A New Fan, Marchell
Way to go last weekend at Cozy's...popped in with friends, never heard Dr. Jones and the Band prior. I left a fan.
DENNIS AND THE BOYS!!!! You guys are outrageous! Heard about this competition on KLOS and instantly thought of you!! It's a no-brainer!!! check it out... Can't wait to see you guys again.
Great show last Saturday at Martini's.It was my first time seeing you and I was very glad I did.Thanks for the fun, and we will see you soon. Take care -Tom
Remember me fom Friday nite? It was nice meeting you. I really enjoyed listiening to you play you rock........
Excellent show at Harvelle's Like always, You guys turned that Mutha.......! Out! When I left the show I was feeling alright!!!!!!! I apreciate great bands like you. Natasha from Los Angeles
Hi guys, Saw you at Harvelles last night, great gig, really had fun. Hope to catch you again soon. Andi S.
I saw you play at Cozy's, I was very impressed. Can't wait to see you play again. Scott
I was celebrating my birthday at Cozy's when you were performing on Dec. 1, and thank you, you were fabulous and made my night that much more special. I'm looking forward to seeing you perform again and again.
Most awesome Old/New Year's bash we have been to in a long time...please don't forget to put Cleveland on your radar bru!!!
Most awesome Old Year/New Year's bash we have been to in a long ,long time, Dennis don't forget to put Cleveland on your radar bru!!!
You have restored my faith in music
Nice website! Glad to see you will be back at Cozy's. I had a great time seeing you December 5th. It was my first time hearing you. Your show is pure talent and showmanship. See you January 5th. Happy Holidays. . .
What a spectacular time I had at Cozy's last Friday night. You and your band were on fire! I loved the Christmas party and goodies we got to take home with us. Can't wait to see you again!
Unfreaking real! Just got back from Cozy's - it's 2:30 in the morning and I'm so psyched about your show I had to get your website check it out. I've been around a long time and your show is one of the very best shows I've seen, ever! If you guys were playing in heaven I'd finally have a reason to go. -Steve
I've listened to your songs on the web, I like a great sounding guitar. Looking forward to seeing you @ Cozy's friday December 1, 06. Any time your playing the SoCal circuit, my friends and I will be there.
Dennis, You rocked the house at Martini Blues last Saturday night. The energy you and your band project is astounding. Can't wait for the next cd to come out. Thanks for keeping the blues train running. Everyone should get a chance to see you live!
The Dennis Jones Band - WOW! This was my first time seeing you and definitely not my last. I swear at one point it sounded and felt as though Jimi Hendrix was right there in person. Best wishes and can't wait to see you again!
I had the greatest time at Martini Blues on Saturday night. Some friends had told me that you are a "must see" band. I am so glad I took their advice and came to see you. You and your band were incredible! I can't wait to experience you again.
Excellent performance at Martini Blues, I hadn't seen you guys perform in a while and it gets better and better,Theres always something to look forward too when coming to hear The Dennis Jones Band. "Peace!" Natasha from LA
I saw you at BB Kings last Thursday. You were incredible. I hope to be as good of a guitar player as you some day. Rock on!
Great listening to you on the cruise and at Cabo Wabo. You got some skills on them strings, bro. Hey, whatever happened to them girls you said you were going to send to my stateroom? I know you wouldn't lie to me. See ya soon...Smith
Hi Dennis, Great to see you on the Blues Cruise and last night at Cafe Boogaloos in Hermosa Beach with Zac Harmon. The Blues.....Aaaaaahhhhh.. Thanks for the great music! Tao
Hey- I saw you on the bluescruise last week...thought you were awesome. Are you ever in the san diego area? Would love to come see you. Thanks!!!!
Hey Hey Big Dog! I sure enjoyed playing with all you cats on that boat man. It was a priveledge and a pleasure to meet all you cats and all y'all gave a clinic in being bad ass musicians without having bad assed attitudes. I picked up on that and I am definitely inspired to keep working at my craft. P.S. I'm the cat with the red trumpet! Mike Pitre 415-756-2028 Peace!!
Hey Dennis how are you plz add my name to guest list I have new e-mail address...luv you guys hope to see u soon.....Stephanie's sister, Jeanette
My wife and parents briefly chatted with Dennis outside of the dining room on the blues cruise and let him know how awesome he was playing with Zac. We went to the Pro Jam that night and the highlight of the night for us was seeing him do "Red House" with the likes of Zac Harmon, Deborah Coleman, Chris Duarte, etc...!!! Glad we missed out on the sleep to see the incredible music being made. Thanks for everything! Hopefully, we'll see you at Martini Blues! Take care! Don Bowley
Hey Dennis, Great Hangin with you on the Pacific Blues Cruise. Benny
Hi; 10-7-06 You kinow me from the blue cafe, because you always gives me a hug. I am t he one with the cane all of the time.I tased you just last Sunday when you was there. I did not know about this web-site until now. You are a great person and a real good guitar player Dennis and I love it when you get up and play with Johnny Mestro on guitar. Gina always enjoy this as well as i. Now do you know who I am? Give me a write back on my e-mail site okay and tell me the latest news on when you shall be playing again at the Blue Cafe. H ave a great day and God bless you and the whole band. What is Michael's e-mail address? Thanks for every thing and I did not know that you're famous Dennis, and I am proud to know you all. Miss. Britton
Great show at Martini Blues on Saturday! Glad we got to celebrate your birthday with you.
Dennis, I saw you at Starboard Attitude last Saturday with some friends. You are an incredibly talented musician. I enjoyed your performance and look forward to seeing you again.
Your music has enriched my life! I was your stage manager & MC at Wrightwood. Such a privelege. See you at Hesperia Days. I gave you guys a sweet review on iTunes. Check it out. kevin
Hey Dennis! I caught your show at Wrightwood 2006 this weekend. You are amazing! It was as if I was watching Jimi Hendrix himself. Keep up the awesome work your doing. I hope to catch another show soon.
I REALLY enjoyed your music saturday night here in Wrightwood and while the last band put on a fun performance I would have been totally happy just listening to you all night! AWESOME! Thank you!
Hey man, just found out about you in the months issue of Vintage Guitar, and I am so glad I did! Great stuff, cool firebird, glad you found those speakers! Check it out at! T. Moody
This is fucking great music! I'm a photographer and I dig the photos, very nice. Have you ever heard that Swedish band called The Soulshake Express? Also very good music..
Hey Dj how you doing? I was at starboard last night. and let me tell you I was "blown away" your music really rock me baby!!! Not to mention you're one good lookind brother" anyway i really enjoyed your show. You guys are awesome" please let me know of any upcoming events and or shows, I know of te next few shows coming up. Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you, PEACE
Excellent guitarist/singer/writer
I just saw you tonight at Martini Blues in Huntington Beach. You and your band were AWESOME! It was just what I needed to make my night great! Best Wishes and God Bless!
Dennis, Really dug your music Saturday night (6-17-06) at the Starboard in Redondo Beach, Ca... Gonna catch your act again Friday at the LB Bayou Festival (7:00-8:30 set). Maybe we can chat further about working together sometime (m-video)... cheers, nick
I really enjoy listening to your band. I usually dont dance to blues music but for some reason the way you guys play you cant help but get up and dance.
I seen you guys on Sat; you all were great! I hope to see you soon. Love Ya! Marion
Looking foward to seeing you again. I'll wait til you play a Northern gig as that "cuts" my driving time to about 3 hour each way. Enjoyed talking with you some months back at Boogaloo when Ronnie Baker played. Driving up to Visalia to see him again 6/23. Danny
Hey Denny it's your cuz Rob Cromwell. Your music sounds great man. Your the young BB king. Keep up the good work. Hey nice web site too.I have a son and a grandson in Tuscon so when we come out that way I'll look you up if you are in town we will shoot to LA. I have alway's wanted to go to LA. OK talk to you later man
Keep wearing that sexy cowboy hat Dennis, "That's soooooooooo sexy and Urban Cowboy!""You go boy!"
Yo Dennis! My folks are convinced, We will see you right away on the next show at the Starboard, and at the Bayou Festival including my folks from Dallas Texas,They are looking forward to hearing you guys at the festival! Natasha from LA
I remember the first time you picked up an "axe" and a star was born. A year later if you closed your eyes while listening to you play, a person would swear "Hendrix" was on stage. I wish I could have been your drummer, but you're fine on your own. Love Ya
Dennis, So proud to see a "home town" talent come into his own. I remember the days when you used to make the trees on Troyer Road sway to your Funky Rhythms! Rock on Brother... rock on. Much love, T.
DJ & guys, am giving my first listen to a borrowed copy of a friends cd "Passion for the Blues". Gentlemen, this is the blues that I ache for; toe tappin', head bobbin'. Thanks for the fun. Can't wait to see you somewhere in the southland. ciao for now...
Dennnis you have the fastest fingers that ever played a guitar!
You guys rocked the house at the starboard, My folks I brought along with me really enjoyed you guys and they considered The Dennis Jones Band the greatest, My folks will be back to see you again and definately myself. Love Yall Natasha from LA
Hey DJ, Just wanted you to know I listened to my autographed copy of "Passion For The Blues" that I got from you the other night at the Blues Awards Show in Memphis. It's Great!!!! I also want you to know I thoroughly enjoyed having dinner with you, Zac Harmon, DugMug, and the other guys. You were all a blast and this ole boy from Mississippi sincerely appreciated your kindness and hospitality. Thanks and good luck! I'll catch up with you again soon. Reggie
Hi DJ, I have been meaning to buy your first cd but I have a difficult time trying to buy so many cd's. Well, now you are two up on me, today I ordered both of them. Do you have plans to come to the east coast? Thanks, Marc
made me real happy to see you get this baby out. congratulations. emjoy it as much as you can. s
waz up! Last night was a blast. Especially liked your acoustic set. No offense Tony. Hope to see you guys soon. Fans of yall, Steve and Linda (the smart ass and the Hottie)
You guys rock the house last night at the Starboard, There's an art to playing the quitar and you guys do it. Dennis your CD's are great, Keep doing what your doing making the crowd smile, Because you make me smile, I will be checking you guys out again, Keep moving the crowd. Peace Out! Natasha from LA
I saw you last night at Martini Blues. You and the band were in the groove. You had me groovin right along with you. I hope you can make it out to the Inland Impire soon. We would love to have you!
PETER TUDOSIO AGAIN! I accidentaly touched the wrong key and message came unfinished! I was saying that I was doing comedy at the Blues and stayed over to hear you guys! You are simply amazing! You made my night!! What a tragedy that Snoop dog and all those clowns make millions, and guys like you few grand , here and there!! The same like in my business, comedy!! Keep It going, you got a great following!!
Great c/d. Now it's time to hit the road and head east. Please come see us in North Carolina.
Great music-keep it comin! Jazz & Blues
I love your sound and image from the first time I seen you and the band at the starboard at the Redondo Beach Pier, I'm tuned and addicted to your cool blues acoustic rock sound, I love it. I'll be back again to inhale that good old blues. Natasha from LA
Well kick my ass! I can't belive what I'm hearin'! Keep it kickin' brotha man!!! You just may finally have something here!!! Marco
Hey, you really stole the show last at last October's Tucson Blues Fest!! Thankyou for making the first concert my kids ever saw, something fantastic...they will never forget! Hope to see you again!! Barbie "mojo" Tucson
You guys are awesome, saw you in HB on 2/18/2006
dennis, we really enjoyed your show on feb. 11th 2006 at the starboard attitude, in redondo beach,ca.!!! you are just AWESOME!!! thank you for signing the cd and you have a great friendly attitude! don't change! love your band too! you all, rocked us all night long!...we will see you again,very soon!!! god bless you and keep you jamming forever! andy and elizabeth jimenez p.s. cool shirts you wear!.....
Dennis.That was your best show at Martini Blues on 1/20..You rock ! I love your new cd.I listen to it all the time.
We caught your show last weekend at Martini Blues in Huntington Beach. My friends took me there for my Birthday. I am now a fan. I bought a c.d. and havn't stopped playing it in my truck. You and the band smoke. Hope to see you again, steve
I had a great time at Martini Blues on 1/20. You guys kicked ass as usual. I love my Dennis Jones Band shirt. I feel so gifted now. :o)
Hi Dennis, Mike, & Tony I had such a wonderful time meeting you guys Saturday at Martini's. Mike- please keep me posted when your gospel CD is coming out. My son heard your CD and is jelous I didn't call him when I was out. He is a wonderful guitar player and was very impressed with your music. Keep it safe and sane :-) your new friend in YL - Debra
Hey Guys, Just wanted to say congrats on the new CD. We love it. Here's wishing you the best of everything in 2006. Keep the blues alive Pamela and Keith
Looking Forward to your new CD (although I love the one I have) and your release show at Do you have a POSTER I can hang of your current CD, the autumn colors are beautiful! KaRi PS I am a guest on "Blues Highway" tonight on I'll bring your music and invite listeners to The BC!
So glad you finally released a second cd. I've been hungry for more for a long time! Please come to Memphis. I'd love to see your show live.
Heard you in Tucson 16 Oct 2005...good classic sound!
Dennis, loved hearing & meeting you at the Blue Cafe in LBC. look forward to hearing you play again. (fyi: Big Black Cat is now a favourite) be safe & prosperious.
Caught your fantastic group at the Tucson Blues Festival. Thought your music was innovative and refreshing. You are taking the art to a higher level. Please come back so we can show you some Tucson hospitality..............Jani
Thanks for a great show at the Tucson Blues Heritage festival.The three of you burned down the place.
Dennis, YOU ROCK and are THE BEST OF THE BEST!!! p.s you have cutest band!!!
hey dennis its me robert madrigal from amtech elevator thinking of coming to see you on oct 30th 4 my friends b-day hope to see you soon she will be in for an experiance shes never seen live blues and what a better way than dennis jones live!!!!
Keep Up the Good Work, You Have a Tight Band, that's a Dynamic Contribution for Keeping the BLUES Healthy and Alive.....
Saw you guys at the pier and was moved and inspired buy the heart felt playing. I will be back. thanks!
Hello Dennis, I like your website, and just keep on playing your Blues. I like your CD it sounds good, and many, many blessings.
MAN! You sure can play that guitar! My Aunt Lisa who lives in LA told me about your music. I'm a Vermont resident with mad love for the music out west. Keep it rocking and I'll be on the look out for you to blow up!!! -Desiree Dunbar
Dennis: You are a fantastic musician and singer. We are delighted to hear you perform. JaNise and Brian
DJ, You, Michael and Tony were amazing last Saturday night 9/24/05 at the Starboard. It was my first time exposed to your band and it won't be the last. Gr8 jam session with your friends. Haven't stopped talking about you guys.
I saw you guys at the Redondo Pier, stopped in with some friends for a quick drink at the Starboard. YOU GUYS ROCK! Can't wait to see you in Huntington Beach in November. I'll be sure to pack the place for you.
Dennis, Mike and especially Tony. I was torn between rock or blues. Hanging at the bar was my new friend Tony who after enduring my interview, convinced me to go to the BLUES. what a treat it was. THANK YOU FOR AN AWESOME NIGHT. you blew my friend Matt and I away. CANT WAIT UNTIL YOU RETURN BECAUSE WE ARE BRINGING LOTS OF FRIENDS!!!!
Dennis, Caught you guys for the first time at Martinin Blues last Saturday. Absolutely freaking incredible. My friends and I were blown away. Keep it up man. You guys play it like I haven't heard in a long time.
Great site Bro. Keep the Blues Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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